We are your Fraser Valley supplier of choice for locally raised rabbit meat, a healthy low calorie, and high protein alternative to traditional white meat. All of the meat produced at our farm is GMO free and ethically grown without the use of medicated feed. It is processed in a provincially licensed facility in preparation for commercial sale.

High in calcium, phosphorous, niacin, iron, B12, and selenium, rabbit meat is beneficial to overall body health and in reducing the symptoms of many common health ailments. It also has a very small environmental impact, making it a sustainable as well as healthy dietary choice. It is quickly becoming a common household staple both locally and globally and can easily be used as a substitute in recipes for chicken, pork, turkey, and other lean meats.

For more information on the nutritional and health benefits of rabbit meat consumption as well as its environmental impact or to place your order please select from the appropriate drop down menu. We invite you to follow our blog to stay up to date on the latest industry news, recipes, and more.